Capital Improvements

Church Audio/Visual System
Having received a favorable vote at the last church voters' meeting, funds are currently being raised for a new audio and visual system for King of Kings Lutheran Church. If you are interested in donating towards this fundraising project, please speak to Pastor Golisch.

New Audio System
Our current audio system used by Pastor each Sunday has become outdated and unreliable. Often the system has outputted static or booms of sound due to some of the equipment beginning to fail.

The cost to replace the receiver and wireless microphone headsets will be about $1,470.

New Visual System
The plan that passed at the voters' meeting is to install two 70 inch T.V. screens in the front corners of the church.  Among many other benefits, this visual system will provide:

  • an easier way for the many church visitors we have to follow along with the order of service
  • a way to display visual aids for sermons and children's mission services on Wednesdays
  • a place to display church announcements before and after services
  • an easier way to show videos such as the WELS Connection and Living Bible videos used for Lent
  • an easier way for parents with small children to follow along with hymns, readings, and other parts of the order of service while their hands and arms are occupied holding young children
  • a method of communicating the gospel message in a way that is effective for the younger generations among us. Studies show that young people have come to expect visual aids and learn most effectively when visual aids are present.

The system would consist of the two TV's and a computer to run the system. The total cost for these visual system upgrades is about $4300.

Total Audio/Visual System Cost (With Installation Costs): About $6,970

Proposed layout: