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Kings Camp

We are looking for a family to house Ryan and Tracy Halter this summer. They are returning to Florida to be counselors at Kings Camp this summer. Kings Camp provides a small stipend of $250 per person so $500 for compensation. If you have…

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Mr. C's Vocab

Quizzes will be on Thursday, since many are leaving Friday for Doral basketball tournament.

1. castanets

2. bogus

3. harrowing

4. hoodlum

5. rankle

6. bungle

7. heist

8. vault


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Reminders:Please send in your permission slip for Fort Christmas and the $6. 

AR- The school wide  competition is on and you have your classroom goals as well. A few of you have ZERO points or very few.…

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Love and Logic

Does your child habitually sneer, roll their eyes, or make sounds resembling an alley cat trying to cough up a hairball? Does this happen just about every time you say or do something they…

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Mr. C's Vocab

Shorter week...shorter list.

1. exasperate

2. cowling

3. fugitive

4. commode

5. terse

6. turbulence

7. rebuke

8. emblem

9. salvage

10. amateur

11. vile

12. fiasco


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