School News

Mr. C's Homework (Monday)

RSV: quizzes this Friday...last one of the year!

Science: none

Math: 88 due Tuesday

WOG/GIP (Mr. W): Airplane test on Friday

History: Louisiana Purchase due Wednesday

English 6/7 (Miss L): speeches

English 7/8 (Miss L): speeches

Catechism 5-6 (Miss L): test 5/16...Tuesday

Catechism 7-8 (Pastor): none

Art (Mrs. W): none

Music: none

Computer Lab Work: none

AR: can always be reading books for points!

Other news...

Entertainment Night May 12, Friday at 7:00 P.M. Everyone needs to wear a "May the Lord Be With You" t-shirts. They are $10 each. If any concerns about the purchase, please see Mr. C.

AND...Parents have been alphabetically assigned to bring in certain treats that night. Please check the school Communicator.

Going to Open Bible in the Villages to perform our entertainment night musical. MAY 15, Monday. Will need drivers. Leaving at 9:15 AM. Back by 2ish.

Going bowling MAY 16, Tuesday, in Altamonte. No charge.

Closing Service/Graduation MAY 18, Thursday, 7 PM.