School News

Mr. C's Homework (September 1, Friday)

RSV: none

Science: none

Math: none

WOG: none

GIP (Mr. W): Quiz next Thursday

History: Jackson WS due Tuesday

English 6/7 )Miss L): none

English 7/8 (Miss L): none

Catechism 5-6 (Miss L): MW 1st commandment 

Catechism 7-8 (Pastor): test Thursday, Lesson 3 due Wednesday

Art (Mrs. W): none

Computer Lab Work: none

AR: can always be reading books for points...10 points is required by the end of the 1st period (September 22)



No School Monday (Labor Day)

Popcorn can be purchased every Friday for 25 cents

FYI...any child receiving an F on their report card will automatically be removed from the current sport’s activity for a minimum of three weeks. This includes practices. 

PLEASE send in tissues, paper towels, and disinfection wipes if possible. We use a lot of these items during the year.

Funday Sunday coming up September 24. Kids sing in 10 AM worship, PROVIDED meal to follow, bullying workshop...all done by 12:30.