School News

Mr. C's Homework (Tuesday)

RSV: none

Science: crossword puzzle due Wednesday

Math: none

WOG/GIP (Mr. W): German WS due Wednesday

History: War of 1812 due Wednesday

English 6/7 (Miss L): speeches on 5/17

English 7/8 (Miss L): speeches on 5/17

Catechism 5-6 (Miss L): test 5/16...Tuesday

Catechism 7-8 (Pastor): none

Art (Mrs. W): none

Music: none

Computer Lab Work: none

AR: can always be reading books for points!

Other news...

FREE picnic on last day, along with a water slide for afternoon fun.

Closing Service/Graduation MAY 18, Thursday, 7 PM. 8th graders are expected to dress in a way that is appropriate for church. Also, they have been asked to bring a "photo poster" to display at the ice cream social.