Church News

Last Sunday Pastor Jeremy Cares returned the call to King of Kings. Here is his letter:

Members of King of Kings,

I appreciate the last three weeks tremendously.  During that time the communication and love that you have shown me has been amazing to say the least.  From the special phone conversations with several of you to the sharing of your stories and connections to King of Kings with me through e-mail, to the not just one, but two special videos of the King of Kings campus, to viewing the Sunday Funday, and Entertainment night pictures on Facebook, to the many reminders that you are praying for me and my family, Shepherd of the Plains, and King of Kings, and then the very special prayers texted in, not just one time, but three times; All of these things have been a testimony to your faithfulness to the Word and to your service and involvement with the Lord.  Thank you.

King of Kings has such a tremendous ministry.  There is a bright future for King of Kings moving forward and Jesus’ love flows from you.  I feel that in the last three weeks I have gotten a good grasp on what King of Kings is like and the ministry plan moving forward.  I am humbled that the Lord saw fit to lead you to call me as your pastor because of the new energy and outreach focus that you have envisioned for the future.  These are certainly areas of service where the Lord has granted me ability and drive.  I have no doubt that it would be a joy to serve with you at King of Kings.

Having weighed all of that into consideration with the call and all the new endeavors Shepherd of the Plains is about to embark on here in Lubbock, TX (breaking ground on expansion on Sept. 1, a second preaching station 2 hours away in Amarillo, and reaching 20 people over 2 hours away) and prayerfully asking the Lord for guidance I feel that at this time I need to remain here as the shepherd in Lubbock, TX.  I, my family, and Shepherd of the Plains will continue to keep King of Kings in our prayers as the Lord works through this calling process to bring you a shepherd.

Again, thank you for everything these last few weeks.  King of Kings is certainly a ministry that I will now be connected to for years to come and I appreciate getting to know all of you and see what the Lord is doing through you in Maitland.

God’s blessings to you!

In Christ,

Pastor Jeremy Cares


King of Kings will hold its next call meeting Sunday, May 27, after the 10 AM service. There is a possibility that we might be assigned a graduate from the Seminary. If so, we would learn that May 24.