Greetings, Saints (10/11/19)


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Sundays @ 10 am

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Sundays @ 9 am
- Sunday School (PreK-Grade 5 - School Library)
- ACTS (Grades 6-12 - Conference Room)
- Adult Bible Study (Family Life Center Lunch Room)

Midweek Bible Study:
Wednesdays @ 10:30 am
No Class - Wed., Oct. 16!

Looking Ahead

Saturday, 10/12
9 am - Lutheran Women's Missionary Society Fall Rally @ Our Savior's (Port Orange)

Sunday, 10/13
9 am - Family Bible Time (SS/ACTS/ABS)
10 am - Worship
11:30 am - Prepared to Answer/Advent by Candlelight Planning

Monday, 10/14
9 am - Citrus/St. John's River Circuit Meeting @ King of Kings

Tuesday, 10/15
7 pm - Call/Voters' Meeting

Wednesday-Friday, 10/16-18
No School - Teachers' Conference

Welcome Home Sunday, 10/20
9 am - Family Bible Time (SS/ACTS/ABS)
10 am - Welcome Home Worship w/ Lord's Supper
11:30 am - Finger Food Fellowship (Family Life Center)

Prayer List

Pr. Bill Gabb
Recovering from successful kidney surgery

Pr. Rod Warnecke
Father of Phil W. - Undergoing treatment for cancer on his lung

Marty C.
Undergoing follow-up treatment following recent cancer surgery
Greetings, Saints!

In Mark 10, we read a very cringeworthy account of two brothers who were truly tone-deaf to what Jesus was trying to teach them. Ironically, Jesus' other disciples got angry at brothers not because of their selfishness, but because they hadn't thought of their scheme first. Amid all this selfish glory-seeking, Jesus was selflessly making his way to the cross for them. The following devotion is adapted from last Sunday's sermon on Mark 10:32-45 - How the Selfish Become Selfless. For the full text of the sermon, click on the title!

Are you and I any different than those brothers? How far will you go to get what you want, to do what you want, to go where you want? That sinful nature inside of you is so selfish, so wicked that it doesn’t care who you involve or what corners you cut or how much time you waste thinking about how you can get what you want. All that matters is that you get it. The end justifies the means, but the end never satisfies.

Are you and I any different than the other disciples? How easily angered you get when someone does whatever it takes, no matter how unethical or immoral, to get the job, the car, the house, the guy or girl, the toy, the game. Yet in reality, aren’t you’re jealous? Aren’t you indignant? You secretly kick yourself because “Why didn’t I think of that?” We are that selfish, aren’t we?

Jesus’ quiet response cuts more than if he had thundered against us. “..That is not the way it is to be among you.” “Who do you think you are making such a self-centered demand of the holy God? What right do you have to “be indignant”? What do you really deserve when I see how selfish you are, you my children?” So we cringe waiting for God’s judgment to fall. Yet this account isn’t just cringeworthy. Yes, like a patient parent, Jesus quietly disciplines us, but remember when and where we are in the life of Jesus!

He is on his way “up to Jerusalem,” leading the way! He leaves glory behind to endure suffering and humiliation and death. Jesus knew why he was heading up to Jerusalem. That’s why he gave so many accounts of what was going to happen to him. He was going to be betrayed. He was going to be condemned. He was going to be tortured and mocked and killed, but he was also going to rise from the dead. Jesus had no illusions about “the cup” he was going to drink, because he had a purpose to fulfill in Jerusalem.

What’s even more remarkable was that he was “going up to Jerusalem” to serve. “…The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Jesus was going to Jerusalem to selflessly serve on behalf of you and me and every sinner. You see, as selfish to the core as every one of us is, Jesus was even more selfless. By perfectly submitting to God’s holy will, by suffering all the mockery and hatred and torture that spew from our sinful hearts, by dying on the cross, by rising from the dead, Jesus selflessly served in your place. He didn’t have to do that. You and I certainly didn’t deserve it, but he selflessly endured all that for you and me and every one of us. “The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

So how do you respond? “…Whoever wants to be great among you will be your servant, and whoever wants to be first among you will be a slave of all.” By faith in Christ, you and I respond with selfless thanks that seeks greatness in serving others as Christ served us.

Like Jesus, true greatness is found when you put yourself at the service of another. True greatness is found when you see yourself not in a “me first” kind of way, but in an “I am third” kind of way—Jesus first, others second, I am third. Like Jesus, true greatness is found when you devote your life to serving others, not yourself. In that way, you become a “servant,” even a “slave” of Christ. The selfless service of Jesus becomes your motivation to serve and your model for service. Why? In serving you he paid the full ransom for your sins and mine. That’s how the selfish become selfless. That’s how Jesus turns our focus away from ourselves towards others and towards him. Yes, Jesus makes us cringe, but Jesus also makes us selfless.

Serving Christ,
Pastor Gumm

Lessons for your own personal Bible reading as you head into the weekend:
Genesis 8:15-22
Psalm 111
Luke 17:11-19
2 Corinthians 9:10-15

Coming Soon @ King of Kings

Lutheran Women’s Missionary Society (LWMS) Rally – All ladies are invited to attend the upcoming fall rally this Saturday, October 12 at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Port Orange. The rally begins at 10 am, with registration opening at 9 am. If you plan to attend and if you would like to carpool, please contact Bobbie Craig ASAP!

Divine Call Meeting – The first voters’ meeting to call our next Principal and Grades 6-8 teacher is planned for Tuesday, October 15 @ 7 pm. All voting members are strongly encouraged to attend. May the Lord of the Church richly bless this Call process!

Welcome Home Sunday - October 20 - Make sure to leave this Sunday open on your calendar! Don't schedule any appointments. Don't plan any vacations for that Sunday. Instead, plan to be here at King of Kings on Sunday, October 20 @ 10 am! Why? On October 20, we are celebrating Welcome Home Sunday. We will talk about the importance of having the support of a Christian community. We hope to have 100% of our King of Kings members in attendance. Let’s pack the house! Let’s see what that looks like, when every member comes together. We plan to have Finger Food Fellowship in the Family Life Center afterwards! So be sure to set Sunday, October 20 aside so you can join your brothers and sisters in Christ here at King of Kings!

Finger Food Needed! – Help us provide finger food, heavy hors d’oeuvres, etc. for our Finger Food Fellowship on Sunday, October 20! Sign up here on our digital sign-up sheet or on the sign-up sheet in the entryway at church!


Learn the Reason for the Hope That You Have!
 – Sundays @ 9 am!
  • Sunday School for PreK-Grade 5 meets in the school library in the Family Life Center. Join us this week as we learn how God turned rebellion at the Tower of Babel into good!
  • ACTS for Grades 6-12 meets in the conference room. Join us this week as we discuss justice and fairness!
  • Adult Bible Study meets in the lunch room in the Family Life Center. Join us as we conclude our True and Reasonable Bible study! We'll take a closer look at what it means to have a meaningful life.


Lies We Believe – Much of our unhappiness and emotional struggles are caused by the lies we tell ourselves. Unless we identify our lies and replace them with the truth of God's Word, spiritual growth will stall and emotional health will be impossible. Join us Sunday, October 20 @ 9 am in the Family Life Center for our new Bible study series - The Lies We Believe...and The Truth We Need.

Greek Fest Parking – Once again King of Kings will be offering parking for Greek Fest from November 1-3. We will be charging $5/car and all receipts will go towards bus transportation for school activities. Sign up in the entryway at church for one or more 2-hour blocks!
Gift Card Drive – At King of Kings, we regularly get requests for help with groceries, gas, and other basic needs. Occasionally, we also have school families with such needs. Through October, we will be collecting gift cards of $25 or less at the church office to enable us to better help these families in need. We are looking for gift cards from local grocery stores (Publix, Winn-Dixie, Aldi, etc.), Walmart, and local gas stations. For gas station gift cards, please try to purchase cards that limit the purchase to food or gas. For more info, please reply to this e-mail!

Meditations Needed – WELS Prison Ministry is looking for used copies of Meditations to provide to prisoners under our spiritual care. The copies need to be in good condition. If you have any copies to donate, please drop them off at the school office.


Growing in Hope – Why does it matter that Jesus is my Savior? Does the Bible really apply to my life? Where can I get more of what I heard today? How can I join King of Kings? We are planning to begin a new session of our Bible Information Class soon to provide answers to those questions and many more. If you are interested in taking part in this course, please reply to this e-mail or contact Pastor!

Every Member Visits - Pastor Gumm is still visiting all of our members! If you have not scheduled a visit, please be sure to reply to this e-mail to schedule your visit ASAP!

An Encouraging Word: And he who provides seed to the sower and bread for food will provide and multiply your seed for sowing, and will increase the harvest of your righteousness. You will be made rich in every way so that you may be generous in every way, which produces thanksgiving to God through us. (2 Corinthians 9:10-11)