Greetings, Saints (5/6/19)


King of Kings Lutheran Church
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Sundays @ 10 am

Family Bible Time:
Sundays @ 9 am
- Sunday School (K-Grade 5)
- ACTS (Grades 6-12)
- Adult Bible Study:
Hope Grows!

Looking Ahead

Monday, 5/5
7 pm - Crusaders for Life (Conference Room)
Tuesday, 5/6
7 pm - Evangelism Team (Conference Room)

Wednesday, 5/7
10:30 am - Midweek Bible Study (Conference Room)

Thursday, 5/8
5:30 pm - Bible Information Class (Smiths)
Friday, 5/9
7 pm - KoK Entertainment Night: Pirates! The Musical (Family Life Center)
Mother's Day, 5/12
9 am - Family Bible Time
10 am - Worship
Monday, 5/13
KoK Students Present Musical @ Open Bible Lutheran Church (The Villages)

Prayer List

Sandy C.
Undergoing treatment for Stage 1 cancer

Our Confirmands--Annika H. & Zoe H.
That they would remain faithful to the Lord for the rest of their lives

The Unborn
That the Lord would protect them from those who seek to end their lives or make it easier to do so
Greetings, Saints!

In Romans 6, the Apostle Paul describes the Christian life this way, “We were therefore buried with him through baptism into death in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life.” The life of a Christian is intimately connected to Christ through his death and resurrection. What impact does that have on your life? What does the “Resurrection Life” look like?

Last week, we learned how the Resurrection Life is Believing, Not Seeing as we took a look at Genesis 15:1-6. This past Sunday, which was also our Confirmation Sunday for two of our 8th graders, we took a closer look at John 10:22-30 and learned that the Resurrection Life is Following, Not Forsaking. The following devotion is adapted from that sermon.

Jesus tells us, “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.” Sheep will only follow a shepherd they can trust. By his actions and the familiarity of his voice, a shepherd gains the trust of his flock. They follow him wherever he leads them, even through danger.

We have every reason to trust Jesus as our Good Shepherd. He willingly gave up the glory of heaven to take on your human flesh, to subject himself to poverty and difficulty and life in a corrupt, sinful world in your place. In fact, he even laid down his life for the sheep—for you and me. An ordinary shepherd won’t normally do that for mere sheep, but Jesus is no ordinary shepherd. He allowed his enemies to crucify him and take his life, but the Good Shepherd took his life back up again after three days in the tomb.

Surely you have every reason to trust Jesus, but do you always listen to his voice? Are you always happy to follow the Good Shepherd or do you ever look for something more? Are there times when you wish the Shepherd would tell you what you want to hear and give you what you want when you want it? Are there times when you would rather be “free” to do what you want than to obey his voice, especially when you don’t like what he has to tell you.

When you fail to listen to the Good Shepherd’s voice, you get hopelessly lost. You get so caught up in what’s going on in your day-to-day life that you ignore your Good Shepherd. You get so lost in the dangerous wilderness of this life, that soon you can’t find your way back. You lose the assurance of his promises. The world with all its dangers and worries and fear becomes much more terrifying. Straying from your Good Shepherd, you endanger your soul as you wander away from Jesus on the path that leads to death and eternal separation from God’s love.

...But then Jesus calls you again through his gospel. He calls you through his Word. He calls you to his house, to his Table, back to the font--and by faith, you follow him again. Jesus promises, “No one can snatch them out of my hand!” By faith, you can follow your Shepherd’s voice, boldly trusting that he guides your every step and provides for your every need. By faith, you need not fear any evil as you walk the path of this life. By faith, you can daily cling to Christ, because he won’t let go of you. By faith, you can speak up for the truth and speak the truth in love. No matter what life might throw at you, you can rest securely in the Savior’s hands. “No one can snatch them out of my hand!” Jesus lives for you and gives you life!
Following the Good Shepherd,
Pastor Gumm

For further devotional reading, here are links to next Sunday's readings from God's Word:
Acts 9:1-22
Revelation 5:11-14
John 21:1-14

Coming Soon @ King of Kings

Upcoming Meetings - Crusaders for Life meets tonight (Monday) @ 7 pm in the Conference Room; Evangelism Team meets Tuesday @ 7 pm in the Conference Room; The voters will meet for our quarterly meeting after worship on Sunday, May 19. Main topics will be: the 2019-20 budget; leadership elections; and extending Calls for our preschool and school. All voting members are strongly encouraged to attend!

Summer Camp Deadlines are coming soon! Registration for the Amazing Teen Race ( @ Disney’s Animal Kingdom closes on May 8. Registration for Camp South ( closes May 31. If you are interested in registering for either of these camps, please click on the links above.

Christ Has Set Us Free! – Join us this Wednesday @ 10:30 am, as we dig into Paul’s letter to the Galatian Christians and find out how true freedom can only be found in Christ and his Word! We will be meeting in the conference room.

Hope Grows! (Sunday AM Bible Study!) – Why is it important to be part of the church? Why is Bible study and prayer necessary for my daily life? Join us Sundays @ 9 am in the Family Life Center as we dig deeper into what God’s Word has to say about our lives!

Trip to the Holy Land Experience – Crown of Glory Lutheran Church is organizing a group outing to the Holy Land Experience from 10 am-6 pm on Saturday, June 1. The cost is $40/adult and $25/child. They have extended that invitation to our King of Kings family. If you are interested in joining their group, please contact the church office or reply to this e-mail to reserve your spot before May 13!

ACTS End-of-Year Activity – It’s that time of year! The ACTS group is set for their end of the year event on Sunday, June 9. Our group is planning to go to Disney Springs, where we will enjoy The VOID, a virtual reality experience, featuring either Star Wars or Ralph Breaks the VR. We will wrap up the event with dinner at Chicken Guy! at Disney Springs. The final cost is yet to be determined. It will be dependent upon how many we have sign up. Our teens have had an amazing time in the past, and we hope to have as much fun this year! To sign up, check out the sign-up sheet on the bulletin board in the entryway. Be sure to sign up by May 19! If you have any questions, please contact Suzi Kroll.

VPK/Pre-K – We are planning to offer VPK/Preschool for kids ages 3-4 during the 2019-20 school year starting this fall. If you or someone you know is interested, please reply to this e-mail or contact the church office!

Every Member Visits - Pastor Gumm is visiting all of the members of our congregation. Please be sure to reply to this e-mail or speak with Pastor to schedule your visit!

Growing in Hope – Why does it matter that Jesus is my Savior? Does the Bible really apply to my life? How can I become a member of King of Kings? We offer a Bible information course that answers those questions and many more. Classes are scheduled to accommodate your schedule. If you are interested in signing up for our next session, please reply to this e-mail!

An Encouraging Word: Worthy is the Lamb who was slain to receive power and riches and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and blessing. (Revelation 5:12)