Greetings, Saints (7/29/19)


King of Kings Lutheran Church
1101 N. Wymore Road
Maitland, FL 32751

Worship Time:
Sundays @ 10 am

Family Bible Time:
Starts up September 8!

Looking Ahead

Saturday, 8/3
8 am - Campus Work Day

Sunday, 8/4
10 am - Worship w/ Lord's Supper

Monday, 8/5
7 pm - Crusaders for Life (Conference Room)

Tuesday, 8/6
6 pm - Joint Board Pre-Call Meeting (Conference Room)

Wednesday, 8/7
TBD - Faculty Meeting
7 pm - Bible Information Class (Hilgen/Millers)

Sunday, 8/11
Back to School Bash!

Prayer List

Pr. Steve Blumer
Recently diagnosed with Legionnaire's Disease

Pr. Bill Gabb
Will undergo kidney surgery in August

Sandy C.
Found out she is cancer-free!

Walter P.
Recovering well from recent hip surgery

Holding their 65th Biennial Synod Convention this week @Martin Luther College in New Ulm, MN
Greetings, Saints!

So much of life is without clear answers. You wonder what you’re going to do with your life, where your life is going, if you’re making the right choice or if someone will help you when you need it. Even spiritually, we all have questions that weigh on our hearts like the question “Why?” On our own, those answers can’t easily be found. Thankfully, Jesus has answers. The following devotion is adapted from Sunday's sermon on Luke 9:51-62 - Will I Follow Him? For the full text of the sermon, click on the title!

How committed are you? How willing are you to stick with something or someone through thick and thin, ups and downs, good times and bad? Well, that depends. Are you the type of person who will stick by a brand even if it’s quality isn’t what it used to be or are you quick to move on to another product? Are you loyal to one company or quick to shop around?

How committed you are often shows itself in how you spend your time and money. For example, how committed are you to a particular sports team? How much time do you spend watching, following, discussing, or surfing the web about your favorite team? Or are you one of those fair weather fans who’s quick to give up on a team when it starts failing?

How about the more important things in life like your job? How committed are you not only to your job, but to your employer? Are you loyal to the company or are you simply committed to the task of making money until you can find a better job? How committed are you to your family? If you’re married, how committed are you to your marriage? How much time do you devote to your marriage and family? How high of a priority are they?

How about your faith in Jesus? How much time do you spend with Jesus in his Word outside of a Sunday worship service? How much of your earthly treasures do you use to support his work? How quick are you to set that faith in Christ aside when the conversation gets gossipy, when your show throws morality out the window, or when life gets difficult?

The sad truth is your commitment to following Jesus can often be as fickle as your brand loyalty. Your commitment to family or your job or even your favorite team can be stronger than your commitment to following Jesus. Yet in Luke 9, Jesus teaches us that following him means total commitment. It’s either all or nothing, and honestly, Jesus has every right to question our commitment, and we have to ask, "Will I follow him?"

The truth is you and I, on our own, can only answer “No.” On my own I cannot follow Jesus and neither can you. On my own I will not follow Jesus, and neither will you. No matter how much self-confidence or desire or willingness you have, you won’t be able to follow Jesus on your own.

So how will we? Consider what Luke tells us in v. 51, “When the days were approaching for him to be taken up, Jesus was determined to go to Jerusalem.” Why was Jesus going to Jerusalem? He was going there for you. He was going because you’ll never be perfectly committed to following him. Jesus was going to Jerusalem to bear your cross in your place. Jesus was going to endure your rejection, to sacrifice himself for the guilt of all your sins. Jesus made you and your salvation his top priority, and there was no looking back. Once he turned his face towards Jerusalem, nothing, no one, not even Satan himself, could stop Jesus from accomplishing his mission to save you. It was all or nothing, and Jesus gave it all to save you.

So then only Jesus can answer “Will I follow him?” With gracious mercy and love, Jesus tells you, “Through faith in me, you will follow me. Here let me show you why all the treasures you have in this life don’t compare to the treasures of forgiveness and hope and peace and life eternal that I have earned for you. Through my Word and with my help, you will be able to reorder your priorities to follow me. You will be able to endure rejection for my sake. How is that possible? I love you, I lived and died and rose again for you, and I won’t ever leave you. So follow me!”

Following Christ,
Pastor Gumm

Lessons for your own personal Bible reading this week:
Genesis 39:6-12, 16-23
Hebrews 11:24-26
Luke 9:18-24

Coming Soon @ King of Kings

Work Day – Join us this Saturday, August 3, starting @ 8 am, as we get the campus ready for the 2019-20 school year. Besides smaller tasks around the campus, we will be re-mulching the playground area to provide a safe environment for our students. Many hands make light work and the more volunteers we have to help with the mulch, the quicker we can complete this task. Wheelbarrows, dirt rakes, and shovels will be needed for this task. If you plan to attend, please contact Randy Cochran or Kevin Zastrow!

Still Enrolling! (Grades K-8) – Enrollment is open for Grades K-8 for the 2019-20 school year! If you or someone you know would like to find out more about school, please contact Principal Randy Cochran or the church office! Register today @!

Still Enrolling! (Pre-K for Ages 3-4) – If you would like to enroll your 3 or 4-year-old in our Preschool for 2019-20, please contact Pre-K Director Lisa Gumm or contact the church office! We are also offering free VPK for all 4-year-olds!

Joint Board Pre-Call Meeting – The members of the Church Council, Board of Youth Discipleship, and Board of Elders are reminded and encouraged to attend the joint meeting on Tuesday, August 6 @ 6 pm. We will discuss the pre-Call items necessary to begin the process for calling our next Principal/Grades 6-8 teacher.

School Supplies – If you would like to donate school supplies for the upcoming school year, please check out the list in the church entryway. These items will be donated to students attending King of Kings. Please drop off your items no later than Sunday, August 11. Thank you for your assistance!

King’s Camp 2020 – Your King’s Camp Committee has been working hard this summer to reformulate King’s Camp for Summer 2020. This is going to be a major summer outreach endeavor for our congregation. So we invite you to start thinking how you can use your gifts, abilities, interests, time, and treasures to support the “new” King’s Camp. We are planning to offer the following weeklong, half-day camps:
  • German Camp – June 1-5
  • Basketball Camp – June 15-19
  • Early Childhood and Elementary Vacation Bible School (Theme: Rainforest Explorers) – June 22-26
  • STEM Camp – July 13-17 or July 20-24
  • Art Camp – July 13-17 or July 20-24
For more information about our "new" King’s Camp or if you would like to volunteer in some way to assist with any of the above camps, please contact our King's Camp coordinator, Phil Warnecke!


Growing in Hope – Why does it matter that Jesus is my Savior? Does the Bible really apply to my life? Where can I get more of what I heard today? How can I join King of Kings? We are planning to begin a new session of our Bible Information Class in August to provide answers to those questions and many more. If you are interested in taking part in this course, please reply to this e-mail or contact Pastor!

Every Member Visits - Pastor Gumm is visiting all of our members—and there are still King of Kings families and individuals who still need to schedule visits! Please be sure to reply to this e-mail or contact Pastor to schedule your visit this summer!

An Encouraging Word: All the ends of the earth will remember and turn to the Lord, and all the families of the nations will bow down before you. For the kingdom belongs to the Lord, and he rules over the nations. All the rich of the earth will eat and bow down. All who go down to the dust will kneel before him—those who cannot keep themselves alive. Descendants will serve him. For generations people will be told about the Lord. They will come and proclaim his righteousness to a people yet to be born—because he has done it. (Psalm 22:27-31)