Greetings, Saints (8/21/19)


King of Kings Lutheran Church
1101 N. Wymore Road
Maitland, FL 32751

Worship Time:
Sundays @ 10 am

Family Bible Time:
Starts up September 8!

Midweek Bible Study:
Wednesday @ 10:30 am

Looking Ahead

Thursday, 8/22
6:30 pm - Board for Youth Discipleship (Conference Room)

Friday, 8/23
7 pm - King of Kings LES Volleyball Game (Winter Park YMCA)

Saturday, 8/24
3 pm - King of Kings LES Volleyball Game (Winter Park YMCA)

Sunday, 8/25
10 am - Worship
11:30 am - Annual Voters' Meeting

Wednesday, 8/28
8 am-5 pm - Lifeline Screening (Family Life Center)
10:30 am - Digging Deeper Midweek Bible Study (Conference Room)

Prayer List

Pr. Bill Gabb
Undergoing kidney removal surgery on August 22

Pr. Rod Warnecke
Father of Phil Warnecke - Undergoing treatment after a cancerous mass was discovered on his lung

Marty C.
Will undergo radiation treatment following cancer removal surgery

Walter P.
Celebrated 100 years of grace on August 20

Rennick S.
Starting school at San Francisco State

Eric N.
Friend of Dale Remus - In the advanced stages of ALS
Greetings, Saints!

On Sunday, we kicked off a new worship series about following Christ - The Narrow Door. Jesus helps us to to see that following him is often not easy, but instead difficult like following him down a narrow path through a narrow door. Yet in the end, he promises eternal blessing to all who follow him. The following devotion is adapted from Sunday's sermon on Luke 12:49-53 - The Word Destroys. For the full text of the sermon, click on the title!

We spend so much time trying to be comfortable. None of us likes to be uncomfortable. You could even say we live in a culture of comfort. We always want the temperature to be just right,. Our homes need to be comfortable. Our vehicles need to be comfortable. Where I spend my time working or studying or relaxing or eating or sleeping or worshiping always needs to be comfortable, because if it’s not? Well, then I don’t want to be there. I don’t want to spend my time and money there, that is, unless someone makes me more comfortable. Yet it’s not just physical comfort.

We live in one of the wealthiest nations in history. In some parts of the world, even our poorest citizens would be considered rich. Living and working in such a wealthy society, what’s the ultimate goal? Comfort, right? I want a comfortable life. I work my way up to a job that puts me in the most financially comfortable situation possible. When the time comes, I plan to set work aside and spend the rest of my days living a fun, easy, comfortable life free of worry, concern, and hardship. My finances will be all set. My health will be great. I will do everything I ever wanted to do. I will live comfortably until I die comfortably.

We all want to be comfortable. We don’t want to be uncomfortable. Now having creature comforts is a great blessing from God, but have we perhaps let our culture of comfort influence our view of God too? Do we seek the spiritually comfortable? Do you seek a God who will make you the ultimate you, who will be your life coach making you feel good about yourself, who will help you lose weight and stay fit, who will make your life better, who will heal every rift in your family, who will fix your finances and build your 401(k) and keep your cars on the road, who will quiet all the fighting in our country, who will rid our world of every bad thing and usher in a new era of peace and harmony for all, who will make your life comfortable?

Do we seek a comfortable Christianity where never is heard a discouraging word and the skies are not cloudy all day? Do we seek a comfortable Christianity where we can keep our religion to ourselves, where we don’t have to talk about the issues, where we don’t dig deeper into truths of God’s Word that make us uncomfortable, where we simply rate the comfortability of the experience like we’re shopping or staying somewhere and then move on with life?

We love comfort and good things and an easy life. We chase after these things, but then Jesus says, “Wait!” He tells us, “I came to throw fire on the earth, and how I wish it were already ignited. But I have a baptism to undergo, and how distressed I am until it is finished! Do you think that I came to bring peace on the earth? No, I tell you, but rather division.” Jesus then speaks of division that even divides families. Those are uncomfortable words, but Jesus isn’t giving us a blind warning here.

This warning comes from a heart that loves dearly those who follow him and his Word. This warning comes from One who was traveling to Jerusalem to face rejection, abandonment, betrayal, injustice, suffering, and death. In fact, Jesus himself experienced firsthand the pain that comes when his Word divides evil from truth, when people receive his message or reject it.

Yet Jesus also knew the great chasm of sin. He knew how sin turns fear into animosity and animosity into hatred, ripping apart people of different skin color or social status or cultural background or any other difference between them. He knew how sin tears apart marriages and families and communities and congregations. Above all, he knew how sin divides every one of us from God, how sin covers us from head to toe and prevents us from ever being able to stand on our own in the presence of the holy God.

Jesus knew all that, and yet he kept going. He kept going because he had “a baptism to undergo.” He kept going even though that “baptism” distressed him. He kept going because he had to bring peace—not shallow, comfortable peace, but real, eternal peace between you and God. He had already been baptized by John the Baptizer, putting himself in your place for your sake, but soon he would have to face the baptism of God’s wrath.

Why? Jesus came to destroy evil, to destroy the power of sin that has divided us from each other and from our God since the beginning of time. Jesus kept going because he knew he was going to destroy evil in our lives and bring us peace.

So we follow Jesus, but it’s not easy. It’s not comfortable. You start following Jesus and you expect everything to get better. You expect that he’ll bring peace into your life, but it doesn’t happen that way. You still have troubles. You still have hardships. You still have conflict and difficulty. What makes it tougher is that when you start following Jesus, you see for the first time how bad, how difficult the battle for your soul really is. You see the devil, the world, and your sinful flesh constantly trying to sabotage and ruin your walk with Christ.

So should we run for the hills when following Jesus gets tough? Did Jesus when he faced a baptism of God’s wrath for us? No! We keep on following Jesus, not because it’s easy or comfortable, but because he faced evil to bring us peace. He destroyed the power of evil over us. He brought heavenly peace into our lives and continues to unite us and others where sin has divided. Jesus is our Prince of Peace, so we follow him to the end.

Following Jesus,
Pastor Gumm

Lessons for your own personal Bible reading this week:
Judges 7:1-8
Hebrews 12:18-24
Luke 13:22-30
Psalm 103

Coming Soon @ King of Kings

Annual Voters’ Meeting is planned for this Sunday, August 25 @ 10 am. All voting members are strongly encouraged to attend as we review the past year and look ahead to the next. Board and committee chairmen are encouraged to send their annual reports for 2018-19 to Dawn!

Digging Deeper – Our Wednesday AM Bible studies will kick off on Wednesday, August 21 @ 10:30 am in the conference room with a study of Martin Luther’s Large Catechism. Copies of the Large Catechism are available for $12 for class participants.


Donations for Pets - Karen Hoefler is collecting pet food and toys for the pets in the Orange County Animal Shelter. She is doing this for her 4H community service project and will collect until Friday, September 27. Please donate only unopened pet food and new unused toys. Collection boxes are located in the entryway!


Growing in Hope – Why does it matter that Jesus is my Savior? Does the Bible really apply to my life? Where can I get more of what I heard today? How can I join King of Kings? We are planning to begin a new session of our Bible Information Class in late August/early September to provide answers to those questions and many more. If you are interested in taking part in this course, please reply to this e-mail or contact Pastor!

Every Member Visits - Pastor Gumm is visiting all of our members—and there are King of Kings families and individuals who still need to schedule visits! Please be sure to reply to this e-mail or contact Pastor to schedule your visit ASAP!

An Encouraging Word: Yes, as high as the heavens are above the earth, so powerful is his mercy toward those who fear him. As distant as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our rebellious acts from us. As a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear him. For he knows how we were formed. He remembers that we are dust. (Psalm 103:11-14)