King of Kings Connections - 15 May 2020


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King of Kings Connections - 16 May 2020

Dear Family in Christ,

It shouldn't surprise me anymore. He's come through time and time again. In fact, for as long as I can remember, he's never failed to come through. I've seen him make things happen that I never expected and accomplish what needed to be accomplished in ways I never imagined.

I've seen him do more than take lemons and make lemonade. I've seen him make what should be impossible possible. I've seen him take a place that many had written off years before and turn it into something special. I've seem him plant in soil others had considered dead and his work produced not just abundant fruit, but fields full of life ripe for the harvest. I've seen him break though hard hearts and stubborn minds. I've seen the Lord do great things with what seemed like very little.

I've seen him turn grief into joy and sorrow into laughter. I've seen him fill loss and emptiness from his own fullness to overflowing. I've seen him dry tears, strengthen hearts, and draw together as one family people from all kinds of backgrounds. I've seen him give life to the dead and peace to the dying. I've seen him fill the mouths of children with heavenly wisdom and fill aged hearts with the boldness to confess, "On Christ, the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand." I've seen his protection, "This far you will bring harm and no further."

I've seen the Lord keep promise after promise after promise. "My grace is sufficient for you..." "Never will I leave you..." "Nothing shall separate you from my love..." "Your sins are forgiven..." "It is finished." So why would I ever think that the Lord will leave us empty-handed, that he will let even a single syllable dropped unfulfilled? Why should I be surprised when Jesus comes through yet again? Why should we be shocked when the Lord of the Church accomplishes exactly what he has promised though neither I nor you knew how he was going to do it?

O my soul, don't worry. Fear not. The Lord is with you. He embraces you with his love. He rejoices over you with singing. He is your hope, your confidence, your rock, and your refuge. He has never left your side. His mercy is new every morning. His grace is more than enough. See the wounds in his hands and feet and side. See the emptiness of his tomb and how open the gates of heaven now are. Rejoice, O my soul, for the Lord is on your side, and that Lord guides all things for your eternal good.

Preparing for Worship This Weekend
  • Join us on Facebook Live @ for Sunday worship @ 10 am ET! We also post a recording of the service on both Facebook and our YouTube channel. This week our focus is on the fearless hope that we have in the risen Christ. Check out 1 Peter 3:13-22 to get yourself ready for worship this week!
Helpful Links for Your Sunday, May 17
  • Digital Worship Folder for the 6th Sunday of Easter (Click the link for a PDF of Sunday's worship folder)
  • Online Worship Connection Card - Be sure to fill this out for all "attending" with you!
  • Donate Online to support the Lord's ongoing work @ King of Kings. You can also mail an offering to King of Kings Lutheran Church, 1101 N. Wymore Rd. Maitland, FL 32751.
  • Show Us Your "Church" - Your King of Kings family members have been letting me know how they are gathering for our online worship services. Though we are scattered, we are "living stones" in Christ's Church. Reply to this email with a picture of how you and yours are gathering for online "Church" on Sunday! You can also send your picture here.
Ministry Updates
  • Staffing Update - The Lord has blessed us with a new teacher! Today we found out that Josiah Nommensen has been assigned to serve as our next Grades 3-5 teacher and to serve in the music ministry of our congregation. Mr. Nommensen graduated from Martin Luther College in 2018 and has been serving at Grace Lutheran School in Grand Anse, Grenada for the past two years. He will arrive later this summer. A K-2 teacher was not assigned to our school. However, plans to fill that Call are in the works. Watch for further information as we continue and conclude this process!
  • Reopening Update – Following state and county updates and clarifications on the recommendations for reopening worship this past week, information about how and when we will reopen public worship at King of Kings will be coming out this week. A late May start of the process to reopen worship at King of Kings is very likely. Once we have determined that date for reopening, the date for Confirmation Sunday will be determined as well—likely June 7 or 14. Watch for more information coming out this week!
  • School Survey – Our incoming principal—Harmon Krause—has asked that all members and leaders of our congregation and the families of our school and preschool complete the brief survey at this link: Please complete the survey by Monday, June 1.
  • Teacherage Assistance: Work is beginning on our teacherage in preparation for the arrival of the Krause family this summer. Financial assistance is needed to help us cover the cost of improvements and work on the house and property. Also, we are also looking for volunteers to assist with projects on the teacherage. If you would like to assist us financially and/or with labor on the teacherage, please contact Kevin Zastrow!
Please Keep in Your Prayers
  • Josiah Nommensen - Assigned to teach Grades 3-5 and participate in music @ King of Kings
  • Sandee S. - Recovering from getting a pacemaker this past week
  • Graduates from Martin Luther College and Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary - Assigned this week to serve in the schools, early childhood centers, and congregations of our church body
  • Ralph S. - Father of Suzi K. - In home hospice due to terminal non-COVID lung issues
  • All Affected by the Pandemic - That the Lord provide wisdom to those who are governing, recovery for those infected, peace to those who are fearful, and comfort for those who have suffered loss
Devotional Resources

Below you will find a number of devotional and worship resources to help you grow as God's chosen people.
  • Justified by Faith Alone: A Study of Romans 1-8: This online Bible study series has moved over to Google Meet and continues this Wednesday @ 7 pm. To participate in the class, contact Phil Warnecke!
  • YouTube: Be sure to check out our YouTube channel! Besides posting the weekly worship services, we are also posting video devotions and updates. Be sure to subscribe!
  • Messages from the King - Produced by King of Kings
    Stuck at home? Still commuting or driving where you need to go? Looking for a way to grow in faith and even listen again to what you may or may not have heard on Sunday? Have you subscribed to our Messages from the King podcast?

    Each week we post the latest sermons preached at King of Kings. They are available at all major audio platforms: iTunesiHeart RadioGoogle PodcastsSpotifyPandoraStitcher, and TuneIn (which includes Alexa - Just say "Alexa, Play Messages from the King"). Go to your favorite audio platform and subscribe to "Messages from the King" to receive a weekly dose of good news from the King of Kings!
Private Communion Available for Kings of Kings Members
Members of Kings of Kings, WELS, or the ELS are encouraged to take advantage of receiving private communion. This is conducted in a safe and sanitary manner in the sanctuary with a brief devotion and the Sacrament. Please contact Pastor Gumm by email or call 407-628-5696 to set up an appointment to receive the Lord's Supper.

May the God of peace guide and go with you, granting his grace all along the way!

Filled with Hope in Christ,
Pastor Gumm