King of Kings Connections - 24 April 2020


King of Kings Connections - 24 April 2020

Dear Family in Christ,

I pray that this finds you enjoying the peace that only Christ can give. How are you feeling? Hopeful? Hopeless? With state and federal governments making plans to reopen life outside our own four walls again, perhaps you're feeling a little hopeful. I hope this quarantine will end soon. I hope they find a vaccine and I don't get sick. I hope we can go back to work, get together with friends, gather with my King of Kings family again. I hope...I hope...I hope...

We love to hope, but usually you and I tend to hedge our bets. Why? So often my hopes have been proven wrong. I've hoped for the weather to be nice and then it turned out crummy. I've hoped to do well on a quiz and then I discovered that I didn't study certain subjects as well as I should have. I've hoped for my favorite teams to succeed, maybe even win it all, but then...well, they've proven that they weren't that great.

We've done the same with our hopes about life in these unusual and fearful times. Perhaps our hopes have been even more "I hope so" than usual in the past month or so. Then we hear how plans are being made and processes developed, and we allow ourselves to get a little more hopeful. Yet just as our hopes go up, the voice of doubt raises its volume again--and we fall back again into the uncertainty and fear of what's ahead.

Don't we often have the same doubts, the same "I hope so" hopes about Jesus? "I hope he'll forgive my sins." "I hope he'll be with me." "I hope he'll take care of me and come through for me and watch over me and my loved ones." "I hope he'll keep his promises." "I hope he's in control of all things." "I hope he'll bring me to heaven someday." I hope...I hope...I hope...

Such an "I hope so" hope comes easily, but isn't that just doubt talking? Doubt in Christ's ability to forgive my sins, to keep his promises, to guide all things for my eternal good, to save me. Yes, it is, but thankfully, Jesus silences our doubts not with mere promises and flattery, but with action and fulfillment that instills us with a living, confident, victorious hope not found anywhere else. The Apostle Peter put it this way, "Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! By his great mercy he gave us a new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, into an inheritance that is undying, undefiled, and unfading, kept in heaven for you. Through faith you are being protected by God's power for the salvation that is ready to be revealed at the end of time. Because of this you rejoice very much, even though now for a little while, if necessary, you have been grieved by various kinds of trials..." (1 Peter 1:3-6)

Isn't that remarkable? Because of his great mercy, God gave us new life and living hope because Christ has risen from the dead. Because Christ has risen, we have an eternal inheritance in heaven that is death-proof, time-proof, sin-proof, pandemic-proof, and recession-proof. Because Christ has risen, God is protecting you with his almighty power, and by faith in Christ, you can trust that he will do that. Because Christ has risen, not only can you trust, but you can rejoice, even in tough times, and you can even have real, living, confident hope--not a hope that's uncertain, but a living hope based on the reality of Christ's resurrection from the dead. May that reality fill you with the victorious hope of Easter now and always.

Items as You Prepare for Sunday

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Helpful Links for Your Sunday, April 26 Worship:
  • Digital Worship Folder for the 3rd Sunday of Easter (Click the link for a PDF of Sunday's worship folder)
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  • Easter Greetings - A video of your King of Kings family proclaiming "Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Alleluia!" also went out last week. Thank you to all who participated!
Please keep in your prayers
  • The Family of Gene Wilkinson - Gene joined our King of Kings family in early February after completing Bible Information Class. The Lord called him home to heaven on April 14.
  • Ralph S. - Father of Suzi K. - Entering hospice due to terminal non-COVID lung issues
  • Red L. - Father of Jill L. - Recovering at home after being hospitalized for non-COVID breathing difficulties
  • Phyllis - Friend of Jill L. - Dealing with health issues and undergoing tests for possible other issues
  • All Affected by the Pandemic - That the Lord would provide wisdom to those who are governing, recovery for those infected, peace to those who are fearful, and comfort for those who have lost loved ones or livelihoods
Easter at Home Resources
Below you will find a number of devotional and worship resources to help you or your household to continue growing in the victorious hope of Easter!
  • The Victorious Hope of Easter - Produced by King of Kings
    If you missed Sunday's worship service or want to watch it again, click on this link: Easter 2.

  • Family Devotions - Produced by WELS
    WELS Commission on Discipleship has started offering devotions developed for the entire family to use. The devotions will coincide with the previous Sunday’s Bible readings and are offered 3x a week. Each devotion is complete with a set of questions for different age groups, a prayer, and hymn verses that can be sung or spoken. Downloadable printable versions are available as well. For more information or to subscribe, please visit this article about the new family devotions.
Private Communion Available for Kings of Kings Members
Members of Kings of Kings, WELS, or the ELS are encouraged to take advantage of receiving private communion. This is conducted in a safe and sanitary manner in the sanctuary with a brief devotion and the Sacrament. Please contact Pastor Gumm by email or call 407-628-5696 to set up an appointment to receive the Lord's Supper.
May our God fill you with the victorious hope that rests on the certainty of Christ's resurrection!

With Eyes Fixed on Jesus,
Pastor Gumm