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Our mission is to assist the families of our congregation and community in training their children, both spiritually and academically, through excellence in Christ-centered education.


Grace is the ability to forgive someone, especially in circumstances when someone may not deserve it. We recognize the tremendous love our Savior, Jesus Christ, has for us. We strive to reflect this grace and love to those around us. Our students are compassionate, loving, and patient.


    Responsibility means that we are accountable for our actions. We do not make excuses or blame others. We recognize we are sinful and make mistakes. We learn from those mistakes and grow from them. We have a responsibility to share the message of the Gospel to others through our words and actions. We try our best to control our thoughts, words, and actions.


      Integrity has evolved from the Latin word for complete or whole. At King of Kings, our students establish values and principles to guide their lives. Not only their physical beings but mind, body, and sou. Students are taught to be truthful and honest in words and actions.


        Perseverance and faithfulness are very similar. Perseverance is the ability to push yourself through difficult and trying situations. In our sinful world, it is important to develop the spiritual and physical resilience to push forward. In life's challenges, we care and love for one another, holding steadfast to the promises of our Father in heaven.


          Christian UCLA basketball coach John Wooden was quoted saying, "Be more concerned with your character than your reputation because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are". At King of Kings, we not only teach academics but we teach the whole child.