German Immersion Program

King of Kings Lutheran School enters its fourth year of German Immersion (2018-2019).  King of Kings offers German Immersion for ALL grades, preschool through eighth grade.  Mr. Phil Warnecke, a graduate of Wisconsin Lutheran College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, serves as our German instructor.

“Congratulations to King of Kings Lutheran School for starting the first K-8 German immersion program in Central Florida! As students experience religion classes in German, they are reaping the benefits of increased academic achievement, language development, and cognitive skills. Immersion programs such as King of Kings Lutheran's give students the gift of language acquisition as opposed to memorization of vocabulary lists. Students are able to immediately apply what they have learned to academic content in the classroom."

Program Advisor

For more information, e-mail Mr. Phil Warnecke or call him at 
(407) 628-5230 x230.