King's Camp

Thank you for your interest and dedication to King's Camp! Due to an unexpected lack of staffing for this summer, we will not be able to have King's Camp. We apologize for this inconvenience, but we encourage you to sign up again with us next summer.

Next summer we are looking to have a revised venue for King's Camp which includes a series of five one-week, uniquely-focused "camps." Presently, we are looking at offering camps in the areas of Sports, Science(STEM/Coding), German Immersion, the Arts (Music, Theatre, Art), and an Early Childhood Vacation Bible School for little ones and their caregivers.

To help us in our planning for 2020, what kinds of camps would interest your family? We would love to take your feedback into consideration as we move forward with our planning.

Over the next following weeks, we will make arrangements to refund your money in full. Please look for an email from us detailing this upcoming transaction.

Thank you and God bless,

Mr. Philip Warnecke
King's Camp Coordinator