School News


Thank you to Ms. Foster (Bella's mom) And Mrs. Rivera (Sophia's mom) for driving and chaperoning for GatorLand trip! We had a great time!

I will be gone Friday this week and Mrs.Gurgle will be substituting for me. We thank her for helping us out!

Looking ahead on the calendar:

Wednesday September 30th-Cookie dough orders must be turned in.

Tuesday October 13- Eatonville Library for "Extreme Animals" presentation.

October 15-16- No school teachers conference.

October 21-22- parent teacher conferences.

October 30- Bowling field trip.

This weeks Spelling words

Test Thursday September 24, 2015

book 1.3

  • give
  • were
  • say
  • about
  • read
  • says
  • spring
  • stretches


Spelling words

book 1.1

  • help
  • now
  • use
  • very
  • Hank
  • hands
  • Monday

Spelling words Kindergarten

  • sad
  • sat
  • sip
  • as

Sight words (practice reading only)

  • said
  • see
  • saw
  • she
  • so
  • soon

Bible lessons/ memory work

September 21-25

Monday 9-21-15: Read Lesson 6A; God Tests Abraham’s Faith: Learn middle verses of song:"Gospel of Grace" by Mark Hayes

I found free grace and dying love

I'm new born again

'Been a long time a talkin' 'bout my trials here below.

Free grace, free grace, free grace, sinner

Free grace, free grace, I'm new born again.

So glad, so glad, I'm new born again.

Been a long time a talkin bout my trials here below.

My Savior died for you and me.

I'm new born again

'Been a long time a talkin' 'bout my trials here below.

I know my Lord has set me free.

I'm new born again

'Been a long time a talkin' 'bout my trials here below.

(Refrain again)

Tuesday 9-22-15: Say Memory work -song-above

Thursday 9-24-15: Read Lesson 6B: Abraham's servant finds a wife for Isaac.

Learn last verse of song:

When we’ve been there ten thousand years.

Bright shining as the sun.

We’ve no less days to sing God's praise

Than when we’ve first begun.

Friday 9-25-15: Say memory work -last verse of song.

*I know that middle verse seems long but we have been practicing and they should know most of it.