August 26-30

Dress Down Day: This Friday marks the last school day of the month, the following dress policy has been adopted for students at King of Kings Lutheran School.

  • Shorts/skirt length should be at or below the halfway point of child’s thigh; or when standing, if fingertips go beyond the short/skirt lie, then they might be too short.

  • Midriffs should not be visible. You can test this by holding both hands up over your head. If your belly shows, the top is too short.

  • Our young ladies need to be sure that their chests are covered. If a person can stand directly in front of a young lady, and see cleavage, they are not properly covered.

  • Please be mindful of wording on graphic tees/shirts. It should be God pleasing. As the question, “Would Jesus wear it?”

  • Muscle shirts/tank tops will not be allowed. They allow too much skin to be shown.

  • For safety reasons, no flip-flops.

  • No tops with spaghetti straps.


Memory Work passage:  I, even I, am the Lordand apart from me there is no savior.    Isaiah 43:11  

Spelling Words: 
Grade 1: man hat ran cat mat can up down
Grade 2: has wag bad six will sat had fix him if can hit blue even study
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