School News

Grades 3-5 Update

Greek = we learned the word , humnos, which means "hymn". The focus for today's devotion was that a hymn is a song of praise and thanksgiving to the truine God, not just any regular song. 

Math= check their assignment sheets. Due: Wednesday 

Reading= Chapter 11 Study Guide & Grammar (Shurley English) Due: Wednesday 

Social Studies = We are concluding our study of the Bill of Rights with making our own Bill of Rights! Due: Thursday! 

German= We explored the context of family and looked at the family of John the Baptist. No assignment 

Memory Work: Due Friday-- students can say it or write it. The challenge passage will earn your child an A+, not just an A. The challenge passage is the Latin Vulgate version of John 1:1. You can find help with this at

Catechism = Worksheet due Wednesday, Memory Work due Thursday. 

Correction-- There IS volleyball this week! 


Chapel is at 8:05am tomorrow! You're all invited! 

What else can my child work on at home? Accelerated Reader! The end of Period 1 is on September 21 at midnight. Please work with your child on reaching their goals! The deadline is fast approaching.