School News

Grades 3-5 Homework Assignments, August 14

New Testament Greek: Today is our morning devotion we learned about the NT term, mataiotes, which refers to vanity. Not just a vanity that only thinks of "Me, Me, Me", but an attitude contrary to God that is aimless and futile. We learned that true knowledge comes from God. 

Math  =  Each student received a math assessment packet. We will be working on parts of the packet this week, not the whole thing. What work does my child do tonight? They start from page 1 problem 1 and complete everything until you see my "STOP" message with a red pen & a pink highlighter. We will be working through these problems & questions tomorrow. Due: August 15h at 8:00am. 

Reading = Each student is to read Chapter 4 of our novel "Class President". There is also a study guide for chapters 3-4 that must be answered in their notebook by 8:00am tomorrow morning with complete sentences. Due: August 15th at 8:00am 

Word of God = Many students were able to complete this at home, but some must finish the worksheet assigned in class on the "Angel Appearing to Zachariah and Mary". Due: Wednesday, August 15th at 8:00am. 

Social Studies: We started Florida History today by talking about early Floridians and Native Americans. We learned about hunters and gatherers. We will continue with Native American cultures in Florida on Thursday from 1:30pm-2:45pm. No assignment today, but they will have an assignment on Thursday to practice what they have learned so far this week. 

German = We reviewed the German alphabet and then introduced German news highlights via 

Tomorrow is chapel. You are invited to attend at 8:05am in the church. 

Friday, students can bring 25 cents to purchase a bag of popped popcorn from Mr. Houlihan during first recess. It is delicious!