School News

Grades 3-5 Homework Assignments, August 16

New Testament Greek: We reviewed the basics of the Greek alphabet. No assignment. We hope to post our colorful Greek alphabet in the classroom tomorrow. 

Math: We went through our assigned problems today in class, discussed what we need to work on, and the next section of the packet was assigned for homework. We will start the regular curriculum next Monday. Homework is due tomorrow, Friday at 8:00am. 

Reading: Today we went through Chapter 7 of "Class President" where we discovered that Julio Sanchez has changed his mind about the election--he really wants to be president! Find out tonight in Chapter 8 what the results of the class election will be and who will be the next class president! Homework is to read chapter eight and complete the study guide by tomorrow at 8:00am. 

Word of God: Today, Mrs. Warnecke discussed the topic of angels with the class. The completed an assignment in-class. No homework tonight! 

Social Studies: We continued our studies of Florida Native Americans. We examined a variety of Native cultures in all parts of Florida. Tonight all students have a multiple choice quiz to complete and return with their packets tomorrow by 8:00am. 

No Latin or German homework today! 

Popcorn on Fridays: One last reminder for the week that students can bring in 25 cents tomorrow to purchase a bag of popped popcorn for first recess. All thanks to Mr. Houlihan! Thank you!