School News

Grades 3-5 Homework Assignments, August 31

Happy Last Day of August!! Tomorrow we welcome in the new month! A new month brings new opportunities to learn, grow, and explore. 

New Testament Greek: No assignment ; We learned about the term "tetelestai". Christ proclaimed "It is finished" signaling the completion of his work of redemption. 

Math= No assignment; The students completed an assessment today. 

Reading = No assignment; The students completed a spelling assessment. We will finish up our novel this week and then we will move on to the regular curriculum the week after. 

Social Studies = Due to time, our Bill of Rights trial has been moved to Tuesday afternoon. 

Latin= No Assignment; We looked at lesson 2 in the Minimus series where Lepidina hosts a birthday party. We learned how to sing "Happy Birthday" in Latin! Next week we will look at Chapter 2 of "Latin Primer A for Children" and continue with the Minimus series. Our goal is to listen, read, write, and speak in Latin each week. 

German= No assignment; We continued our series on World War Two, specifically today about Sophie Scholl and the White Rose. Our goal each day is to listen, read, write, and speak in German. 

Word of God= Memory Work was due today. Originally in my handbook, it states that we complete memory work by Thursdays. We as a class have amended this rule. We have moved the completion of memory work to Fridays. Check your email this weekend for next week's passages. 

Thank you for a successful Friday-- It was a non-uniform Friday, but everyone was still dressed appropriately--THANK YOU! No dress code violations today! Keep it up! 


PLEASE WORK ON ACCELERATED READER!! I checked AR at 2:50pm today and many students have yet to start working on their period goals. The majority of 3rd grade must reach 5 points by the end of the period, the majority of 4th grade must read 10 points by the end of the period, and the majority of 5th grade must read 15 points by the end of the period. If there is any change, it usually is to increase the individual student goal. Check your emails this weekend for a score update. FYI Accelerated Reader is an additional grade averaged to reading this year for my classroom. Do not put it off to the last minute! Successful people read every day!! 

Does your child enjoy technology time? Keep practicing their math skills on! We loved it this last year during computer time and I want to continue with it this year.