School News

Math Assignment: Saxon 3-5 had an assignment today. Tomorrow the format of math assignments will be a little different. 

  • Short Story Assignment (Read the story out-loud and complete the questions for comprehension on the back), 
  • Cursive Handwriting Practice sheet, 
  • Spelling: Choose 10 words from your new spelling list, consult a dictionary, define them in a complete sentence. (Extra words will receive extra credit) 
Word of God: 
  • Assignment (Worksheet) 
  • Memory Work: Mark 9:24 , John 6:68 , Ioannes 6:69 (due Friday) Need a strategy? Write it out two times tonight... then repeat, but with words missing. 
Latin : 
  • Review Worksheet due WEDNESDAY 
  • They have a note sheet for help or consult me! "I don't know what to do" is not an excuse. We need to be solution finders and problem solvers! 
Information and chaperone sign up for next week's trip to the Nehrling Gardens (free) will be sent home tomorrow and must be brought back by Friday.