School News

Grades 3-5 Homework Assignments, October 30th

Math Assignment: Saxon 3-5 had an assignment today. 



  • Novel: "Messenger" by Lois Lowry Chapters 1-2 Study Guide (All answers can be gathered from our reading
  • Spelling: Choose 7 words from your new spelling list, consult a dictionary, define them in a complete sentence. (Extra words will receive extra credit) 

Word of God: 

  • Assignment (Worksheet) 
  • Memory Work: Mark 9:24 , John 6:68 , Ioannes 6:69 (due Friday) Need a strategy? Write it out two times tonight... then repeat, but with words missing. 

Latin : 

  • Review Worksheet due WEDNESDAY 
  • They have a note sheet for help or consult me! "I don't know what to do" is not an excuse. We need to be solution finders and problem solvers! 

Rules for the costumes:

  • Please make sure the costumes are school appropriate.
  • We ask that students do not wear masks, costumes that are grotesque, depict violence, or bring toys that symbolize weapons.
  • We are looking to have a fun day—please keep this in mind when choosing a costume.

If your student chooses not to wear a costume to school, we ask that they wear regular dress down attire as specified in our handbook.


We are sure that we will have a great time! If you have any questions or are unsure about a costume choice, please contact your classroom teacher prior to October 31, 2018.