School News

Grades 3-5 Homework Assignments, October 4th

Greek = No Assignment ; Today we learned about the terms "exeklo" and "deleazo" which mean to "entice, bait, and draw away". All of these terms refer to how the Devil, the world, and our sinful flesh like to trap us with beautiful desires and rewards, but in reality, it is the perfect bait to shift our gaze away from God. Our prayer is that we "akribos" look all around carefully and be aware of these deadly schemes. 

Math= Differentiated math assignments intra grade level. [ Due Friday, October 5 ] 

Reading = Study Guide Chapters 7-8 of "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" and Grammar Exercises #1-3,5 [ Due Friday, October 5 ] 

Spelling Test is tomorrow! In addition to their spelling, I will be assessing their knowledge of the meaning of each spelling word. [ Due Friday, October 5 ] 

Word of God = Today our scholars learned about Jesus and the Samaritan Woman at the well. Their assignment was a worksheet reviewing the concept from the lesson. [ Due Friday, October 5 ] 

Memory Work is written tomorrow!! Practice, Practice, Practice... need another reminder of the words-- [ Due Friday, October 5 ] 

Latin= No Assignment for Latin, but we had a LOT OF FUN putting our skills to the test in a game of CERTAMEN ~ Latin Trivia! 

German = Worksheet #A-C on the German articles "der, die, das" [ Due Friday, October 5 ]