School News

Grades 3-5 Homework Assignments, September 26th

Greek = No lesson, No assignment ... We had chapel today which was even better! We watched the Kids Connection and Pastor Tony Schultz said that sin is "missing the mark". Did you remember from last year's Greek devotions that "missing the mark" means "hamartia"? It was good connection to Greek! 

Math = No math this week due to the testing schedule 

Reading = We read our novel(chapter 9 of Who Stole the Wizard of Oz?) , but no homework for the novel was assigned. Spelling practice is for homework. Use a dictionary for the clarifying sentences! 

Science = The simple machines booklet is due tomorrow; We took the MAP Screening Test for Science today! 

Latin = We learned more vocabulary for our toolbelt like "Quis es? optimus sum, quod lego! optimus sum, quod validus sum"; No assignment 

German = We practiced more of the days of the week and challenged ourselves with "Übermorgen" (the day after tomorrow). Assignment #1-20 is due tomorrow


Memory Work is due on Friday 

The Spelling Test is also on Friday