School News

Grades 3-5 Update: September 18 , 2018

Greek New Testament = Assignment: 8 Panel Booklet ... What do I need to do? Step 1: Color each panel with a colorful representation of a Greek term. I can choose 8 terms to represent. The name of each term needs to be written in each individual panel. Due date: Wednesday, September 19, 2018 

Math = Lesson assignments are differentiated and individual based on the pace of your child. 

Reading = Assignments: TFK (Time for Kids) and Handwriting... Step 1 Read the TFK, Step 2 Complete the Comprehension Worksheet & Quiz, Step 3 Complete the handwriting with my best strokes. 

Social Studies = No Assignment, but we studied the early Spanish settlers in Florida and touched on the Atlantic Slave Trade. We are taken a pause on history to explore a science experiment about simple machines and pulleys this Thursday. 

Latin = Assignment was assigned on Monday--Due Wednesday. Step 1: Reread the Latin story about Romulus and Remus. Step 2: Complete the true and false section (verus/falsus #1-6), Step 3: Complete the translation sentences #7-10) 

German= We reviewed numbers and days of the week today. No assignment. 

Computer = We played more on! Fun cite to increase math skills!