School News

Grades 3-5 Week Overview, January 7-11th
1. Click on the link above to access my Spelling City page for this week's spelling words. We will take a pre-test on Wednesday. If the student receive an "A+" on the pre-test, then they are exempt from the test on Friday. In order to ensure 100% effort toward spelling weekly, there will be NO REDOS this second half of the year. 
2. Attached below is the Memory Work packet for January through Spring Break. Weekly Quizzes will be every Friday, unless otherwise communicated. The earned effort goes toward their overall grade in Word of God and/or Catechism. The first two passages are from the regular curriculum. They are worth 10 points. The highest grade achieved without the challenge passages is an "A". Attempting a challenge passage will result in an additional 7.5 points. Completion of the regular curriculum and one challenge passage can achieve an "A+". Completion of the regular curriculum and two challenge passages can achieve an "E". Catechism students are required to study and complete both challenge passages (same policy since the start of the school year). 
3. A-Team & B-Team Bball practice is Monday, January 7th and A-Team & Cheerleading this Thursday, January 10th. 
4. Gym Class is tomorrow at 2:00-2:45pm. Please make sure that students are dressed in uniform tops and GYM SHOES. Sandals, Slides, and Boots are not acceptable for gym class. Start out the New Year on the right foot! :) 
5. UNIFORM, UNIFORM, UNIFORM! Set it out tonight ~ have it ready! Please observe proper uniform guidelines. Again, let's start the New Year out on the right foot! 
6. Assignment Page -- Students will have an assignment page in their folder each night detailing homework completed and undone. As the parent, please take 10 minutes each night to go through the folder with your child. Then immediately sign your signature and return back to school. This helps keep a culture of accountability in my classroom. First, that the students check their homework; secondly, that I check their homework; thirdly, that parents check homework. Try to avoid signing the assignment page at school or in a different classroom. Please make it a purposeful habit to check homework each night, sign the page at night before bed, and return each morning. Success is paved with purposeful habits. 
God bless and Happy New Year, 
Mr. Philip Warnecke