Kindergarten and First grade

I still need permission slips for three students for our field trip to the library next Tuesday. Please return Tomorrow!

I have had two parents sign up for a parent teacher conference time. Try to sign up today when you pick up your child or tomorrow when you drop off. The sign up sheet is on the red shelf just inside the door. I am also sending the times home with your children today.... if you would like to indicate on the conference slip your time preference and return to me by Friday.

Great job on your spelling tests today!!!

Six of the students have completed their AR goals for this quarter! Good work! The more you read the better readers you become! 20 minutes per day of reading or being read to is a great goal!

First graders having been doing a fantastic job on their math facts. We will add our plus 0 facts this week. Practice counting by 2's to 100. Practice naming place value to the hundreds place.

Kindergarteners have been counting pennies. You can practice this at home by playing store with your child. Continue to practice counting to 100 by 1's and writing and naming numerals 1-20.