King of Kings Staffing Update & New Principal Intro


Looking Ahead to Next Fall

Dear Family in Christ,

This is an important week here at King of Kings--and not just because it's the last week of school. At the end of this week, we will find out which graduate teacher or teachers have been assigned from Martin Luther College (MLC) to serve as our next K-2 and 3-5 teachers. So how did we get here?

Last spring Mr. C announced that he would be retiring from the teaching ministry at the end of the 2019-20 school year. From October-March, we extended four Divine Calls to experienced teachers in our church body. This gave those teachers the opportunity to consider where best to serve the Lord. On the fourth Call, Mr. Harmon Krause accepted our Call to serve as our next Principal/Grades 6-8 teacher.

In February, Mr. and Mrs. Warnecke accepted Calls to serve Risen Savior Lutheran School in Milwaukee, WI. We extended two Calls to experienced teachers in mid-March, both of which were returned. The decision was then made to request that up to 2 graduate teachers from Martin Luther College be assigned to serve as our next K-2 and 3-5 teachers. We now wait for Saturday morning to find out who will be assigned to serve at King of Kings next fall.

As we await that news, please check out the video above that gets you up to speed on where things stand with our staff. The video also includes an introduction from our new principal - Mr. Krause.

Mr. Krause has also provided a letter and a link to a survey, both of which are found below. If you are a member of King of Kings or if you are a family of a student or students who attend our school or preschool, please read through the letter and complete the survey. It's quite short and will assist him as he gets ready to serve as our Principal here at King of Kings. 

Click on the links below for the letter and the survey:
1. Letter from Mr. Krause

2. King of Kings Initial Survey

If you would like to watch the live commencement and announcement of assignments at MLC this Saturday @ 11 am ET, go to this site. Be sure to watch for an announcement this weekend (May 16-17) about the assignment of our new teacher(s)!

May the Lord richly bless and be with you and your family!

In Christ, the King of Kings,
Pastor Gumm