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Preface: Every student had work time to start on this assignment in class. It must be completed to continue with step two tomorrow in class.

Step One: Look up the following list to find their German equivalents using ;


1. prideful = stolz 

2. boastful 

3. rude

4. old

5. disrespectful

6. selfish

7. bad

8. prideful = stolz 

9. humble

10. wise

11. sorry 

12. kind

13. respectful

14. meek


Why? What is the rationale for this assignment: 

1.  Learning new vocabulary and using vocabulary correctly in context is a major component in learning a new language. As middle school language learners, we are using this exercise to practice using an online resource to acquire new vocabulary; vocabulary that we will be applying to our story tomorrow. 

2. Secondly, we are propelling ourselves to the next level. No longer will be settle with "gut" or "nicht gut". We will challenge ourselves to use a broader vocabulary in writing, reading, and comprehension.