Mr. C's Homework (10/23...Thursday)

RSV: quizzes Friday

Geography: WS on Venezuela due Friday

Math: none

6 English with Miss Loescher: poem Friday 

7-8 English with Miss Loescher: poem Friday

6 Catechism with Miss Loescher: 3rd article Thursday and WS

7-8 Catechism with Pastor: Gr. Per. #2 content test on Tuesday the 29th...project due Thursday 10/31

Word of God: Laban tricks Jacob due Thursday

German with Mr. Warnecke: German recipes on School News for Funday Sunday, Oct. 27.

Art with Mrs. Warnecke: due Friday

Science: WS on the eye due Thursday


*Students at school have been found to have lice. Please encourage your child NOT to share combs, brushes, headbands, scrunchies, etc. Please check your child for lice, nits, or eggs. Follow proper procedures if necessary. IF LICE, NITS, OR EGGS ARE STILL PRESENT, DO NOT SEND TO SCHOOL.

*Fundraiser info sent home today! If you want to keep the magnet...$6 please. If magnet is lost and can't be returned...$6 please. If you don't want magnet, return to charge. See order form for other purchasing options. Proceeds will go towards motorcoach bus rentals for school field trips. Deadline is November 8.

 *Funday Sunday, THIS SUNDAY!!, October 27. Kids sing in the 10 AM service. German food to follow (potluck...get recipes from Mr. Warnecke...they are on-line), German band for entertainment!!! All done by 12:30 to 1:00. This is an event in which ALL of our school children are STRONGLY encouraged to attend.

*Entire school going to Wonderworks on October 30, Wednesday. Everyone will need to bring a cold lunch, as we will eat there. We will be taking a MEARS BUS. School will cover that cost. Please send in $10 for Wonderworks ticket. ($5 of cost covered by our Crusader/Wish List fund.) If $10 creates a financial hardship for you and your family, please contact your child's teacher.