School News

Mr. C's Homework (January 8, 2019)

RSV: quizzes Friday

History: WS on Nixon/Ford due Wednesday

Math: lesson 54 due Wednesday at 8 AM

6 English with Miss Loescher: none

7-8 English with Miss Loescher: none

6 Catechism with Miss Loescher: 1st commandment L30-1 due Thursday

7-8 Catechism with Pastor: 1st commandment What Does This Mean? and Romans 3:20

Word of God: none

German with Mr. Warnecke: practice C,5,G,H due Wednesday at 8 AM

Art with Mrs. Warnecke: none

Science: WS on electricity due Thursday

AR: need 40 points by end of 4th period, February 15, Friday


*Students must start thinking science fair projects for Funday Sunday, February 24. I have given them ideas/guidelines/expectations. They will be provided a trifold free of charge.

*I am willing to help students with homework after school, unless I have a meeting. All they have to do is ask or stay. I do not beg nor meet Fridays.