School News

Mr. C's Homework (March 4, Monday)

RSV: quizzes Friday

Geography: WS on climates due Wednesday (plus map work on climates)

Math: test Tuesday

6 English with Miss Loescher: 7:3

7-8 English with Miss Loescher: 12:3

6 Catechism with Miss Loescher: 3/5 8th commandment for Tuesday, Friday 3-1 37 WS

7-8 Catechism with Pastor: lesson 24 quiz...7th and 8th Commandments with WDTM

Word of God: none

German with Mr. Warnecke: none

Art with Mrs. Warnecke: none

Science: none

AR: need 50 points by end of 5th period, March 29 


*Our academic fair is scheduled for April 5th, Friday. We are NOT taking any vans. So, the only way we will be participating is if I get enough PARENT drivers. It's an all day affair...7:30 AM to 5/6 PM. It's in Seminole, west of Tampa. Please let me know if you can volunteer to drive. THX!!