School News

Mr. C's Homework (October 3, Wednesday)

RSV: quizzes Friday

History: WS due Friday

Math: none

6 English with Miss Loescher: 3 point paragraph

7-8 English with Miss Loescher: 3 point paragraph

6 Catechism with Miss Loescher: 1st article test and 2nd article memory for Oct. 4

7-8 Catechism with Pastor: 2nd article up until "suffering and death" and Matthew 20:19-20

Word of God: WS due next Tuesday (Jesus in the Temple)

German with Mr. Warnecke: none

Art with Mrs. Warnecke: due Friday at 3 PM

Science: WS due Thursday

AR: need 20 points by end of 2nd period, November 2


*October 10 we are going to listen to the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra. Please send in $6.50. Permission slip was sent home. ABOUT TEN KIDS STILL OWE ME MONEY AND PERMISSION SLIP. THX! 

I am taking the class to play softball at Merrill Park (Altamonte Springs), Oct. 11, 25, and November 1. If you have a glove, please bring it.

Flag football in Sarasota on October 26, Friday. Free and all required to go...even if not playing. I'll have permission slip on site soon. Pastor and I will be driving the church vans.