School News

Mr. C's Homework...September 7, Friday

RSV: none

History: none

Math: none

6 English with Miss Loescher: none

7-8 English with Miss Loescher: none

6 Catechism with Miss Loescher: 10-1 memory write

7-8 Catechism with Pastor: Study 1st article up to "all evil", Psalm 145:15-16, Psalm 50:15 and WS #5

Word of God: WS due Tuesday (Birth of Jesus)

German with Mr. Warnecke: Family assignment 1-14, due Monday. Report score to Mr. W.

Art with Mrs. Warnecke: none

Science: none

AR: need 10 points by September 21, Friday.


*Going to the Holocaust Museum in Maitland, Sept. 14, Friday, at 9 AM. Anyone interested in coming along, let me know. (2 hour visit)

*Class earned 10 red dots. That's a good thing. Pizza party next Friday. FREE!!!

*First period report cards will be sent out September 21,

*Kickball tournament September 21, Friday, Beverly Hills. All required to attend and participate. Permission slip can be found on our school news thread.

*Funday Sunday September 30. Kids sing in 10 AM service. All expected to be in attendance. HUUUGE games/activities in gym following service, along with provided snacks. YES, THE GAMES ARE HUUUUGE!!! Really, they ae supersized!