School News

Mr. C's Homework (Thursday)

RSV: quizzes this Friday

Science: sedimentary rock sheet due Monday

Math: Lesson 81 due Friday

WOG/GIP (Mr. W): none

History: Hamilton and Jefferson due Friday

English 6/7 (Miss L): 9:2

English 7/8 (Miss L): 14:2

Catechism 5-6 (Miss L): 3rd petition

Catechism 7-8 (Pastor): WS and quiz NEXT Thursday

Art (Mrs. W): none

Music: work on songs for entertainment night

Computer Lab Work: none

AR: can always be reading books for points!

Other news...


We will be looking to fill the position of Athletic Director at our school. There will be a nominal reimbursement. See Mr. C for a detailed job description.

7th grade parents: You should have received an e-mail explaining your duties as hosts for the ice cream social following our closing/8th grade graduation service in May. It's tradition that the 7th grade parents and students organize this event. 

8th graders: Please prepare a picture board to be hung in the gym for Graduation/Ice Cream Social night, May 18th, Thursday.

We have a soccer tournament for grades 3-8 down in Kissimmee on April 28th, Friday. It's an all day event...similar to our kickball tournament. There will be no charge. Need some parent drivers!!! We will leave at 8:45 AM, be back by 2:30ish. IT'S FREE!!! Lunch provided!!! WE NEED DRIVERS!! WE NEED DRIVERS!!

April 30th will be A Funday Sunday. Kids will sing at the 10 service. Burgers and hot dogs to follow WITH A WATER SLIDE AND BOUNCE HOUSE. Bring an interested family who might want to enroll in our school. Introduce them them to Mr. C and receive a $50 credit towards your 2017-2018 registration fee.

Entertainment Night May 12, Friday at 7:00 P.M. Everyone needs to wear a "May the Lord Be With You" t-shirts. They are $10 each. If any concerns about the purchase, please see Mr. C. 

Going to Open Bible in the Villages to perform our entertainment night musical. MAY 15, Monday. Will need drivers. Leaving at 9:15 AM. Back by 2ish.

Applebees Fundraiser at the Applebees on Southhall LN, Maitland, May 13, Saturday from 8-10. $6 per person for pancakes, sausage, and beverages. We will need volunteers to serve, clean-up, greet, etc. AND people to come and enjoy a pre Mother's Day breakfast. Let Mr. C know if you can help. Tickets will be available soon.