School News

Mr. C's Homework (Wednesday)

RSV: quizzes this Friday

Science: none

Math: 73 due Friday

WOG/GIP (Mr. W): none

History: Battles due Thursday, Spies due Friday...BIG TEST on Monday (they may use their History Pockets)

English 6/7 (Miss L): speeches

English 7/8 (Miss L): speeches

Catechism 5-6 (Miss L): L42 write

Catechism 7-8 (Pastor): none

Art (Mrs. W): due Friday by 3 PM

Music: none

Computer Lab Work: none

AR: can always be reading books for points!

Other news...

Parent/Teacher Consultation Thursday.

Another Tardy Challenge: Running thru the end of March...the class with the least amount of NO EXCUSE tardies will be able to have recess time in lieu of their choice of class.

AR winners from our class: Isaac, Zoe H., Berk, AND the captains Ben and Brandon. Pizza party March 31st.

Our class is going to the Academic Fair near Tampa April 7th, Friday. We will need to leave at 7:30 AM sharp. Be back by 4-5 PM, depending on traffic. It's FREE and lunch is provided. Everyone will be participating in some way. I could use a parent or two to come along as chaperones, as I have some duties at the fair.

7th grade parents: You will be getting an e-mail explaining your duties as hosts for the ice cream social following our closing/8th grade graduation service in May. It's tradition that the 7th grade parents and students organize this event. PLEASE LOOK FOR THE E-MAIL AFTER SPRING BREAK.