Tuition and Forms

Process for 2018-2019 School Registration:

  1. Registration forms:
    1. K-8 Application for Admission
    2. Tuition & Fees 2018-2019 (K-8)
    3. Contract 2018-2019
    4. NEW McKay Students (required information) 
    5. Mckay Affidavit
    6. School Handbook
    7. Forms are also available in the school office
  2. For each student, download the following files to your PC:
    1. K-8 Application for Admission (same file as above)
    2. Contract 2018-2019 (same file as above) 
  3. Fill out the forms by:
    1. Typing your responses into each file
    2. Saving the file to your PC
    3. Attaching and emailing to Dawn Todd @
  4. At school, see Dawn Todd who will:
    1. Print the files
    2. Have you sign them (original documents retained in student file)
    3. Collect registration payment (required)
  5. For following school years, you can:
    1. Simply update your existing Application file with any changes and email it to Dawn
    2. Note the Contract file will be new each year
    3. If there are no changes, mark the applicable box saying "no changes" and email it to Dawn
  6. For any questions, please call us at 407-628-5696 or email


FACTS Payment Plans and Grant & Aid Financial Needs Assessment



For SUFS, King of Kings accepts both ‘Income-based’ and ‘Special Needs’
Special Needs is also known as the Gardiner Scholarship (previously known as PLSA).